When you use a database-driven script application for your site, all of the content that you or the site users add, is stored in cells and tables inside a database, not as ordinary text in the application files. In contrast, HTML websites are static and all of the content on such a site is part of the actual HTML files. A web-based store app, for instance, pulls all of the items, prices, user reviews, etc, from its database and this is the same for any kind of script which allows you to build a dynamic site. The more the information you include, the larger the database becomes, so when you employ a script-driven site, you have to make sure that your hosting plan comes with sufficient database storage space. The aforementioned applies regardless of the kind of databases you are using - for example MySQL or PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Hosting

A number of the cloud plans that we supply are excellent for hosting sites which require a PostgreSQL database to work as they contain unlimited database storage space. When you use any of these packages, you can create and run any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script app and take advantage of an efficient and stable website hosting service. We do provide unlimited database storage space as we don't run everything on the same server. Alternatively, all of the PostgreSQL databases are managed by a separate cluster, which is a part of our custom-made cloud web hosting platform, so that we can always supply more hard drives or entire servers to your cluster when needed. With our shared hosting services, you won't ever need to worry that the growth of your websites is restricted because of the low space for your databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you order one of our semi-dedicated plans, you can run PostgreSQL websites without worrying that you will reach any sort of limit for the volume of your databases, as there isn't such a restriction. With our cloud hosting platform, a dedicated group of servers manages your databases, thus in case extra computing power or database storage is needed at any time, we just attach additional servers or HDDs. In contrast to other providers, we do not run everything on a single server. All our plans are powerful and enable you to run heavy, resource-demanding websites, so we have made sure that the PostgreSQL database storage attribute matches all the rest of the attributes. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel that comes with the semi-dedicated accounts allows you to view the size of each PostgreSQL database that you have along with the overall size of all databases, and these numbers are accessible exclusively for your information.