Any time you obtain a new cloud plan, it is generated on a server and the overall process normally takes some time, including the validation and processing of the fee, which most companies perform manually. When you acquire a dedicated server, for instance, the setup takes more time because the machine must be built, set up and tried in order to guarantee that it will work properly. Because of this, the majority of suppliers have a one-time fee in order to cover the time and efforts used on your brand new account. The fee, which sometimes is high, is normally not mentioned on the front page, and you'll find it on your checkout or payment page, therefore you will not be aware of it before you've already gone through the whole signup process and you may even miss it if you don't pay attention.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

If you buy a cloud hosting package from us, you will never have to pay any kind of setup charges. For that matter, we do not have other concealed fees of any sort too. We appreciate every client and it's our belief that when you buy any package through us, you should not be charged anything more than the cost for the web hosting package. You will not discover any kind of obscured charges after or before your order, which shows you that we're a reliable and loyal provider. The cost of every shared hosting package is identical everywhere on our site - the main page, the order as well as the payment pages. As we also have immediate account activation, you won't have to wait for hours or even days to begin building your site.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

All of our semi-dedicated server plans are activated straight away and with no additional installation fees. The price that you will pay on signup is identical to what you will pay to renew your hosting account the following months and the one that you will see both on our main page and on your bank statement. If you currently have a standard shared website hosting package with our company and you are getting a semi-dedicated server so as to get additional power, we'll transfer all your info and we will still not charge you a dime on top of the standard monthly fee for the new plan. As the process is virtually completely automatic, we think that there is absolutely no reason to charge you an additional amount of money, thus the price that you find on the website is all that you will have to spend.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated web hosting plans don't have any installation or other concealed fees. Through the registration process, you will pay only the monthly price for the plan that you've selected. As soon as you submit your order, we will put together and try your brand new machine, then we'll set up all of the software that you need to have a fully operational server - Operating System, hosting Control Panel in case you have chosen one, web server, MySQL, etcetera. All of the aforementioned tasks are part of the package and they come free of cost, which means that the registration payment and all your future renewal payments will be identical. If the server features the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you curently have a shared website hosting account through our company, we will even move all of your content on your brand new server without charge.