If you get a server of your own, it will work independently, so it'll have its own Os and you'll be able to later install server side programs directly or script-driven websites through a hosting Control Panel. While keeping the Operating System updated isn't always considered fundamental, it can be a quite important task for a variety of reasons. A more modern Operating system version could have better support for certain hardware, so you may get better performance for the websites and web applications that you install. Your server shall also be more protected since updates usually include security patches that deal with small problems which may enable unauthorized people to access your content. Last, but not least, more recent script versions, which are also released for both improved security and for additional features, might require a later version of the Os in order to work correctly and with their 100 % capabilities.

Weekly OS Update in Dedicated Servers

We can keep the Os on your dedicated server updated each week as part of our Managed Services upgrade, that you will be able to add to your plan at any time via your billing Control Panel. The service applies to all Os's which we supply for the hosting servers and our administrators shall set up all software patches which have been officially released in order to make certain that you have a stable and risk-free server for your sites. They will also double-check if the software which you have installed is working correctly after the update. The service is a superb choice if you don't have a lot of experience running your own server or if you simply do not want to waste time on administration tasks.