View GS Studios’s video presentation on the subject of semi-dedicated plans and discover how they could support you with your web site.

GS Studios’s semi–dedicated hosting servers can be a completely unique web hosting solution. It represents a mixture among dedicated web hosting plans and typical cloud plans, using the better of both worlds. A semi–dedicated server delivers the simplicity of cloud plans, with the necessity for any server management, along with the raw power of a dedicated server. It’s a hosting solution that is good for the moment when cloud plans is beginning to hold you down, however you don’t plan to put money into a really expensive dedicated server.

Our semi–dedicated plans are loaded with abundant CPU and MySQL queries allocations, letting you run any kind of web site or app on them – starting from popular web shop, to a community portal with many active members.

Every semi–dedicated server provides you with GS Studios’s Hosting Control Panel, which allows you to maintain your sites and then your domain names from one location. It’s packed with handy tools and bonuses, which can help you to additionaly revitalize your site and speed it up a lot. You can also experience 24x7 dedicated servers technical support service. Our techs are particularly qualified to assist with loads of semi–dedicated server issues and concerns you could have. In addition, there is also a 1–hour response time warranty – you no longer need to wait patiently for a lot of time to obtain a response to your problem.

All of our semi–dedicated servers come in our cutting–edge USA datacenter in Chicago, Illinois. On account of the specialized internal network we’ve constructed, driven by enterprise grade electronics from Juniper, we’ll guarantee a 99.9% network uptime for US semi-dedicated plans.